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    Ranjit Kumar Banerjee - Chairman, Bengal Pragati 47

Between 1956 and 1978 Mr. Banerjee served the Indian Railways and Farakka Barrage project in various capacities culminating in Divisional Manager. In addition to Development Planning, Project Identification & Evaluation and Project Implementation he was also responsible for the Institutional Reform Agenda. Notably, during this period he was involved in the construction of the Farakka Barrage (at 1800 meters, the longest civil work in the world dealing with design flow of 0.8 million cumec of water).

Thereafter, in the year 1978 he went on to join the Asian Development Bank, Manila. In course of the 10 years at ADB Manila, Mr. Banerjee developed and implemented several projects in transport, urban infrastructure and communications sectors of India, Bangladesh, China, Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Malaysia. He retired from ADB 15 years later as their Senior Programme Implementation Officer, Bangladesh Resident Office.

Between 1993 and 2003 Mr. Banerjee acted as Freelance consultant with ADB and advisor for foreign market development of WEBEL- the electronic sector technology development, training, collaboration, financing and market development agency of the Government of West Bengal; advisor for LBJha & Co a premier financial consultancy and chartered accountancy group of Calcutta; and STUP Consultants for their external consultancy development dealing with - project development, financing and management improvement.

He was also Advisor of Shristi Infrastructure Development Corp, an infrastructure company focused on creating values for clients in infrastructure sector through import of technology through participation of external groups, and application of innovative financing and income generation mechanism specific to the current needs of the Infrastructure sector in India. He is also Past Advisor to the SREI Capital Markets and Past Director of Bengal Shristi a joint venture company with the Govt of West Bengal.

Mr. Banerjee is a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from University of Calcutta (1954) and a Chartered Engineer, University of Calcutta (1956).
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